Batton Clayworks
Creamer ( $30) Holds 4-5 oz.
$10.00 $0
Sugar Bowl ($40) Holds 5-6 oz.
$10.00 $0
Salt and Pepper Shaker ($50)
$8.00 $0
These Creamers pour nicely and are an equally cute companion to the sugar bowls which feature a small cut out for a spoon.
Sugar Bowl and Creamer (Sold separately)
Visit the PLATTERS page for more details on the Hors'dourve trays shown here.
*Sizes vary slightly.

*Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Black Dotted
Raspberry ~ New pattern!
Nutmeg ~ New pattern!
Green Dotted
*All items on this page are available in every glaze pattern we offer.

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Sold as a pair. Includes stoppers

Each piece is hand made, therefore slight variations do occur. Measurements are approximate. We take great care to create each piece true to our stated sizes. All items are food safe and durable for daily use in the microwave and dishwasher. For questions please contact (828)232-0407 or Email