Batton Clayworks
Teapot Water Fountain
Body Size: 18 1/2" Tall x 6 1/2" Deep x 18" at widest points.

Cup Size: 13 1/2" Tall x 6 1/2"Deep x 13" at widest points.

$50.00 $0
Our teapot fountain is a lovely and unique functioning sculpture for indoor and outdoor use. Many customers have fitted them into their foyers, bathrooms, patios and gardens. Due to it's size and minimal use of water, it is easy to move around and find that perfect spot in your home.
Black Dotted
Rasberry ~ New pattern!
The "cup" is slender to provide minimal splashing. The pump (which sits inside the cup) is not visible. There is one single plug in for power. Water is transfered seamlessly from teapot to teacup via the pump and a single pipe connecting the two. In extremely cold climates, we recommend that you empty any standing water and place it in a garage, basement or at least under the eaves of your home. For indoor use, no special care is needed. When unplugged, fountain will not overflow.
Nutmeg ~ New pattern!
Each piece is hand made, therefore slight variations do occur.

We take great care to stay true to our stated sizes.

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