349 Kenilworth Rd. 

Asheville, NC 28805


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Open by appointment ONLY until July 9th

828-275-7644 / 828-232-0407

 All accent wood, including the floors, tables, shelves and trim were made using the trees from our property.

Making pottery takes care and time.  We make each piece by hand in small batches, without the use of heavy machinery or jigs.  After the items are air dried, they go into a low temperature kiln firing.  This is called a "bisque" which burns out all of the organic matter and water out of the clay.  It is then considered ceramic, but still porous and easier to handle.  All of our glazes are then mixed in the studio from raw ingredients and water.   This is how the ceramic meets the glaze.  When the mixed glaze is applied, the water soaks into the ceramic and the chemicals essentially stay on top. It is then ready to fire again to a hot temperature and fuse clay to color.  Cooling a kiln cannot be rushed.  It is all a labor of love and a continual learning process.   We are always busy doing some part of the process and welcome visitors.